Monday, 9 July 2012

Nadex Binary Options

North American Derivatives Exchange (Nadex) is a Chicago-based exchange listing that comes with a mission to provide retail traders with best options in various products, in a transparent and user-friendly environment.

Nadex, formerly called as Hedge Street, is a well-known name in itself. It is an electronic exchange site that allows trading in number of financial derivatives. Originally it was based in San Mateo, California in 2004. After three years in operation it was shut down in late 2007. Shortly after this the company was purchased by UK based IG Group, a world specialist in financial derivatives dealings, whose core financial services business was established nearly 40 years ago for $ 6 million. In Dec 2007, IG Group began restructuring the exchange- its products, technology and the client policies. The company was renamed as Nadex and it aimed to provide best services in the industry.

Nadex comes with two major trading options, nadex binary options and bull spreads. Binary options are bets on outcomes, "yes/no" contracts, that pay out a small dollar amount (e.g. $100) if the final price of an instrument is above the strike price and nothing if it's below. However, bull spreads is a simple and effective way to take a short term, limited risk position on the direction of a financial market. It's a simple derivative with a floor and ceiling limiting the very lowest and highest points at which it can settle, and that puts an absolute limit on both the risk incurred and profit attained. offers binary options on stock index futures based on indices like the US 500, popular spot forex pairs such as EUR/USD, commodity futures on energies, metals and softs, and economic events like the weekly jobless claims number. The company is subject to regulatory oversight by the CFTC and allows its individual retail traders to become direct members. The products listed are specially tailored for the members- the individual traders, where the risk is strictly capped under all circumstances.

The company benefits from the experience and expertise of a large number of industry veterans. The clients are provided simplified trade options on a wide range of global financial markets, which span a range of underlying markets, commodity futures, and spot forex rates to economic indicators and equity index futures. Also, aids are provided in the form of Nadex Academy or Nadex You Tube to know more about the implementing techniques of bull spread or binary option contracts. Traders can practice using $25 in a Nadex demo account. are best resources to know more information regarding the trade options and other services offered by Nadex review based on the company's past performance denotes that it stands sturdy backed and capitalized by mother IG group amongst the top bodies in the industry.


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